Alien Experts


This video mainly voices the alien theory that I support: Aliens could look like anything, but it all depends on the planet that they live on. On an earth like planet, they will probably look similar to us, or an animal on earth. On a planet more resembling Venus, they could look like anything. This video makes it clear that it doesn’t think aliens will look like us, but there is a chance that we will find extraterrestrials that are similar to our species.


I tend to agree with this video, mainly because it just asks questions. A lot of videos made by people who claim themselves “experts” on alien life just give one point of view: theirs. They say something is true, and expect everyone else to believe it. Now, I’m not saying that it’s bad to voice your opinion. I fully agree with letting people know what you think about an issue that is important to you. After all, it is what I’m doing right now, writing this blog post. But to say that something is fully true, that there is no other point of view, about a topic that, lets face it, no one knows anything about. In this modern age of being able to hide things or add things with the click of a computer key, you can’t really believe anything you see on youtube or any other internet site. I know that I wouldn’t believe that aliens visited earth, unless I was right there, watching with my own eyes, and even then I would have to check for hidden trickery.(Ropes, projectors, costumes, ETC.) As I said above, this video doesn’t say anything about, say, NASA lying to us, aliens being on the moon, aliens in our government system, or any other of the “true” info about aliens that so called alien “experts” post.



The Illusion of knowledge

A couple days ago, I checked how my twitter account was doing (My name is @InAliens by the way.)And I noticed how many posts there were from the assorted NASA accounts across twitter. Most of them showed a picture of a satellite or a probe in space, or a picture of one of the planets in our solar system (Namely Earth and Mars.) There were so many tweets that they nearly filled up my timeline, and the other ones on my timeline were all similar to a typical NASA tweet. At that moment, I had to wonder: If we explore space so much that we know more about it than about our oceans, why haven’t we found extraterrestrial life yet? The drake equation and the Fermi paradox both imply that there is alien life somewhere. The question then would be: Why haven’t we found it yet? Are aliens purposely hiding from us? Do they know something that we don’t? Are they even aware of our existence? And, finally, is there even alien life out there? Is the idea of extraterrestrials just as fake as the idea of, say a human flying into the sun and surviving? Hey wait a minute-if all of these questions have yet to be answered, then how much do we really know about space?

What do you guys think? Do we think we know more than we actually do about space? Please leave an answer in the comments.

On White Aliens

Has anyone noticed the amount of white humans playing extraterrestrials in alien movies?

I absolutely love this article, for several reasons. For one thing, it uncovers some of the millions of biases in the media, while still staying on track with my “aliens theme.” Also, it shows just how far our obsession with aliens can go- we make movies featuring them looking like white humans, just so they can be the “hero” of the movie. Now, I’m not saying that all the main alien characters in sci- fi movies look like white humans. A perfect example of a multicultural alien race on the air is this show The Neighbors. It’s one of the better alien shows I’ve seen, but of course it still features the aliens true form looking like a variation of the “generic” alien ( if you have no idea what I’m talking about, see my first blog post.) I have yet to find an article explaining where the “generic” alien image came from, but this is a pretty good start, if I do say so myself.


The First Alien Movie

Hi! I am a grade 7 student doing an I.S.U (Independent study unit) on why humankind and the media are so crazy about alien life. I am very interested in space and theories about extraterrestrials, and the possible cultural impact of the human race finding alien life, how you think organizations could improve the ways they look into space, what your favorite alien movie is, and why. Also, if anyone has any ideas about where the image of the generic pale skinned, almond eyed alien first appeared in a movie, I would love to hear about it.  I love feedback, so feel free to disagree with me in the comments.

Speaking of early alien movies, did you guys know that apparently the first alien film ever (made in 1902) was the French silent production called Voyage dans la Lune (A trip to the moon). It features insectoid looking aliens called Selenites (named after the goddess of the moon. Now, I found this on Wikipedia, so it might not be true, but I looked at a list of films featuring extraterrestrials, and it was the oldest one I could find.